Winter's Coming, where's the Rain gone.

A promising start to the month with 60mm rain recorded has tapered out and now we are back to dryish conditions for the past 2 weeks, the dry conditions are forecast to continue for another week at least.
A sign that winter is upon us with much colder morning weather resulting in a patchy frost areas on the course, these areas are mainly in the longer cut roughs, we rarely have blanket frosts but with the weather over the past few years being anything but normal who's to say we won't.

10th rough frost
 We ask any early morning players to be aware of frost areas, and more so AVOID them, travelling over frost covered turf can damage the plant and leave unsightly brown marks. More info on this will be posted as the need arises.
Other than the staff teeth chattering first thing in the morning, the weather for golf has been fantastic by midday, clear skies and warm weather perfect for the afternoon comp players.

This week the staff have been busy with preparations for the Pro Am and Capel Cup, with a very disruptive working week next week, (competitions everyday), we are trying to get all the time consuming work out of the way this week, to allow us to concentrate on course presentation next week.
Bunker edging, back facing, grooming (light verti cutting) greens, trimming the permanent plates, cleaning up and a few measures taken to quicken the greens a little more were all completed in addition to our daily course set up and weekly mowing.
With the staff reduced to 3 I think we all did great to get where we are this afternoon.

The course is again in great nick, the greens are rolling very good so make the most of the conditions and get yourself out there for a game while the rain has taken a sabbatical.

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