Pro-Am & Capel Cup

First of all Good luck to all players in today's Jetline Pro -Am and for those playing in the 2 day Capel Cup this weekend, The course is in fantastic condition, the greens running quick and smooth.

Well after nearly 2 weeks of perfect weather, for course conditioning and for playing, (we are so use to strong winds in the lead up to any major event, almost like a curse), the wind picked up this morning with gusts up to 39km/hr, not the strongest we have had to deal with but enough to make presenting the course frustrating with leaves blowing everywhere, you can't control mother nature and I am proud of the staff, more so because it was only three of us this time around being 1 down, to present the course as we have, allot of out of normal hrs work went into it without complaint from Dean or Anthony and my thanks to them for their hard work and dedication.

For the next 2 days after the Pro Am it will be just a continuation of course preparations for the weekends event and getting some of the smaller 2% jobs complete to once again have the course in great nick for the Capel Cup, ordinarily a simple task after already peaking the course but with the wind and forecasts of Thunderstorms and heavy rain tonight I doubt we will be arriving to the same course conditions as we left it, there will no doubt be allot of cleaning up work to get through.



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