Summer Green Speed Trial PT4 (reco)

The following are the reccomendations to be given to the greens committee for assement

When assessing the methods used to make recommendations I have to consider 2 main issues with the trial
1) We are only concerned with mid-summer green speeds
2) the short length of the trial meant the cumulative effect of methods used could not be assessed, as such  my recommendations are not only based on this trial, they are also influenced by previous research carried out in relation to green speeds in general and accepted greenkeeping practices implemented to achieve speed outcomes.

1)      Not to proceed with grooming or dust in methods during summer.
2)      Conduct more frequent grooming in spring and early summer.
3)      Introducing a light sanding at the time of our present grooming practices in spring as part of  maintenance practices.
4)      Continue the practice of grooming greens prior to major events only, in summer.
5)      Consideration of purchasing and using a Golf green roller.
6)      H.O.C  to remain at 3mm for summer.
7)      Continue the protection of the greens during the height of summer though minimal mechanical stress.

Grooming / Dust In / Grooming and Dust In
All 3 of these methods did not result in any real increase in speed during the trial however the impact on turf health was severe.
Recommendation to not to proceed with these methods during summer to increase green speed.

Considering the benefits of grooming in spring, ( our present spring grooming results in much greater green speeds than indicated here) and of regular dust ins ( to help smooth irregularities, give a tighter knit etc), consideration to be given to adding regular Dust Ins after our present grooming practices in Spring early summer.
Cost to be assessed -
Equipment Hire - $1,200 per year
Or purchase - $ 13,000
Rolling resulted in the greatest speed increase with the least impact on turf health, it is also the most expensive to implement. It  must be highlighted the impact on turf and soil conditions could not be assessed in the trial time frame, for this reason if consideration is given to implementing rolling I have included mini tinning to counter the potential impact, this is one method where implementation requires the added intervention to preserve turf health and should not be implemented if we are not prepared to meet the cost of intervention.
Potential outcomes from purchasing a roller include, comparable green speeds in summer to existing speeds at other times. Potential greater speed increases during other times, Rolling to assist in renovation recovery.

Reccomendation to consider implementing rolling as a means of increasing speed.
Cost to be assessed –
Purchase - $8000
Maintenance - $500 per year
Labour – 3hrs ( arrange duties to fit)
Intervention – Mini tinning x 2 per year - $3000 per year
Purchase renovation equipment to mini tine and cover our main renovation period

Height of Cut
While having the greatest influence on green speed, the potential impact on turf health is severe.
Recommended to maintain the present H.O.C range and frequency.

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