They're Baa...aack

The blue lines on the approach to the greens are back for Winter 

For those of you who do not know what they mean or why we put the lines out here's why.......
The blue lines indicate to cart uses NOT to cross or go past the line towards the green and to follow directional arrows when approaching the greens. They also indicate to players with push buggies they are in a high wear area and to avoid if possible or at least take care when they pass the blue line.
Pretty simple hey, if your in a cart DON'T cross the blue line.

We do this as one measure through the non growth and wet months when the turf wears down easily in high traffic areas to protect the surface and continue to give you a decent lie for your short approach shots. These areas extend to the outside of the greenside bunkers, again where high traffic forces the grass to lay over or at worst wear out, remember the grass isn't growing so no recovery = poor lies for you. 
It is better the blue lines than unsightly ropes or barricades in front of the greens as a physical measure, so the more co operation in adhering to the blue line rule the less unsightly ropes we have to put out.
We will be installing rope barriers in the most susceptible area after the Pro am, however these areas are generally out of the line of play.

In other news, the course is in fantastic condition this weekend as we increase the input for the Pro-Am and Capel Cup. We have had some great compliments on the course and I hope you are all out playing this weekend to make the most of it.
We are right where we want to be in preparations for these major events, the staff even tho 1 down are readying for a huge week this week the last full week of preparations, bunker maintenance and a few tweaks to the greens before lowering the heights by the weekend and increasing the cuts are high on the agenda.

Finally some members under the watchful eye of our Chairman, Tony, are undertaking a busy bee today (Sunday) trimming some bushy trees and low lying dangerous branches, the first of the winter clean up works. The staff appreciate dedicated members like these as with only 4 (3 at present) staff, we simply can't do everything and it is these such works that get left. So a huge thank you to those out there today. 

Fingers crossed the weather stays kind and the wind doesn't blow, like it always does in the lead up to a Major event.

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