Sprinkler Questions

I have received some questions regarding the differences in the outer appearance of sprinklers from the stage 1 Front 9 sprinklers installed 8 years ago to the back 9 sprinklers being installed as part of the stage 2 install. Namely the difference in size of the exposed "top"

The Toro Flex 800 B sprinklers being installed on Tees and Fairways have exactly the same internal components and specifications as the front 9 ones, the only difference is in the casing which has a lower rated pressure capacity (still within our requirements) with a smaller footprint. 

 Two main reasons I decided on these sprinklers, firstly it was more cost effective, saving a considerable amount of funds, bringing down the overall cost of the system along with other measures in order for it to be affordable and actually go ahead and  also allowed for extra funds to improve the green V.I;H sprinklers.

               Flex B series being installed on back 9                   DT series on front 9

The second reason was for maintenance, The front 9 sprinklers have a small diameter control tube, (above picture on right) when staff are trimming sprinklers as part of maintenance, they have to be careful not to snick the tube causing the sprinkler to not operate properly. This adds extra time to the task and when the tube is accidentally snicked it requires us to partially dig out the sprinkler, cut  the tube and reattach, if not enough tubing remains we need to totally dig the sprinkler up and fit a new tube.
The Flex B sprinklers ( above picture on left) do not have this tube avoiding the above issues.

The other major change to sprinklers are the Greens Valve in heads. (Individually controlled sprinklers).
I decided to upgrade to Infinity sprinklers from the DT series as installed on the front 9, (Infinity series sprinklers were not available at the time the front 9 was installed and are simply an advancement) for maintenance reasons. 

 With the iron in our water part of our sprinkler maintenance requirements are to clean / replace pilot valves that control the operation of the sprinkler, other issues sometimes experienced are decoder problems and coils, all of which are buried and require us to dig the sprinkler out, being careful of wiring, perform the necessary maintenance and then re install and set to level the sprinkler, a time consuming and expensive maintenance procedure.
                             Front 9 V.I.H Greens sprinkler with typical associated buried wiring

The infinity series sprinklers overcome this issue by having all the serviceable components within the sprinkler (explains the larger diameter exposed "top"). When we need to perform maintenance or repair we can access the components by removing the top of the sprinkler with no need to dig the sprinkler or components out of the ground. Making maintenance more user friendly and less disruptive for players.

As of Today we only have a few sprinklers to install, the piping to all tees and fairways is complete however we are waiting for some parts before we can finish the install on 18. Hopefully by Tomorrow afternoon. This will the leave the 10th ,11th surrounds and lawn area to complete once we have the Trencher back.  
Total Eden completed their work and have left site. We will be testing and commissioning the system next week.

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