Irrigation Upgrade Week 3

The contractors finished installing the man line, The greens V.I.H and wired them into the wire loop they will be installing lightning protection rods this week along with some final clean up and their work will be complete. 
                                                              See how its done !

The wiring will be brought online with the updated new works and specifications uploaded into our Central Computer System By Toro Techs. We may need to run a separate cable run to the back 9 bore pump before we can bring that on line which is being reviewed.

I wished I could say our component went as well, but with 2 trencher breakdowns we lost 3 days trenching and associated pipe install work.
                                               This "aint" digging nothing!!

We hired a small trencher and worked well into the night Wednesday to at least get some smaller areas trenched and ready for piping in an effort to keep moving forward. Staff also prepared and pre glued many of the fittings which saved a great deal of time once we could start piping up again.

                                                            Trenching in the moonlight (A new top 20 hit)

By Thursday the trencher was up and running and with staff (Ben Dean and I as Sarah is at TAFE) and many volunteers rallying over the two days we made significant progress, not completely catching up on loss time but through everyone's efforts making significant inroads, completing the 10th and 12th holes and trenching 16 and 17.

                                      The Chain gang                            One big Tree stump

                   If we leave we can make it a bunker !!        Looking back how far they come

 16 was piped up Saturday morning with Sprinklers installed and is now ready for backfill Monday.

                                     All the hard work Sprinklers installed on 10 working fine

Monday we hope to have the 17th complete and trenches dug on 18 with some piping done. Fingers crossed the trencher holds together and the weather is fine as we have drafted in a few more volunteers to work on the chain gang ( backfilling and clearing trenches) and have lined up Alan Sanderson who has been helping glue up and for Monday we have Ron Grant as well taking the place of Tony Holst who helped on a spare day last week

Till next time
Happy Hooking 

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