Irrigation Upgrade Week 4

All Green, Tee and Fairway sprinklers and lines have now been installed. TE contractors did their final touch ups Monday and are no longer on site.

                                                   Packed up and ready to roll out
We still have some surrounds and scour valve lines to install when we have access the trenching machine as Jetline required it for their own work. 
                                                 One of the final "cuts" in the last trench

Work will now commence on cleaning up excess spoil, consolidating /compacting trench lines for final grades and we will commence testing tee and fairway sprinklers. 
Wire circuits / comms and V.I.H greens sprinklers have all been tested successfully.  

We had a little set back with a 200mm tee leak from the stage 1 works not related to the stage 2, this area has been isolated and will be fixed this week. 

During the next week we are also attending front 9 V.I.H maintenance before the irrigation season, some disruption with water going off as we test may be experienced and I apologise for any inconvenience while we attend this important pre season test and maintenance. 

Finally another shout out to say a huge thank you to all the volunteers who have turned up over the install period, back filling and clearing trenches. Thanks to Jetline for the supply of the trencher and Mick Lines for his operation expertise !!!  

Happy Hooking 

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