Tomorrow (Monday 20th) marks 14 days since the greens renovations and we will commence morning cuts at 3mm as all sand is now below the height of cut range. Normally we keep the cut at 3mm for the remainder of summer however with the National Vets Championships this year we will be chasing that extra bit of pace for the event and will be lowering the heights a little more closer to the event.
A further mini tine and sanding will be completed after the Vets and Capel International to counteract any detrimental effects of "chasing the pace" as well as to ensure turf health through summer after only mini tinning at our scheduled renovations.

With new turf laid on the 10th Ladies tee and Men's White tee last week we can finally put what has been a huge drain on our time to bed, with only 4 of us on course and many other maintenance tasks and course set up to attend we look forward to turning our full attention to gearing the course up for the upcoming Major events and catching up on a lot of the work we were forced to delay.
Once again though we Thank Russell Lines and Jetline for the all the work with the retaining walls.

We do have some minor works to complete the area, finish the turf on the new mound and some selective tree limb pruning in the area.

We have had a tremendous response to our call for Volunteers to assist with some odd jobs around the course, My thanks to all you have offered their help, with special thanks to Terry Buller our Course Director for rounding up everyone. Terry has been a great supporter of the course and club, serving as a Director in any capacity can be a thankless duty but if it wasn't for these members who volunteer their time to serve on the Board, there wouldn't be a club to run or maintain, on behalf of the staff I thank Terry and his fellow Directors for the time they commit for the betterment of the club and course.

Utilising volunteer numbers this week, we will be attending Levelling Bunker Bases, as a small staff we do not get much time to attend to these type of works, but with the assistance of volunteers to boost our numbers we will be addressing an issue which continually pops up, The downward slope from rear to front of the bunkers on some holes. Shifting sand around in the bunker along with topping up with fresh sand where required will take place. 
Some Bunkers may be G.U.R for the Tuesday Competition depending on the amount of sand added.

Lastly we as golfers always have a story about the putt we should have made, the near miss of a hole in one or the eagle that got away, but this blokes one takes the points

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