Greens renovations went very well despite the 19mm rain received the day before causing the applied sand and greens to be wetter than we would have liked. This had the effect of the core holes not opening fully till later in the afternoon when the greens warmed up and dried, after the sand had already been brushed in. End result some core holes are not filled completely.
That said the use of the smaller diameter tines means this is less critical than when we use the larger 12mm ones and will cover by the end of the week but have the benefit of tiny channels created for water and air movement.
 The greens have progressed well since renovation 4 days ago, we are cutting at 4mm in the afternoons. The reason for the afternoon cut is for the sand on the greens to be dry to avoid the mowers picking up wet sand and adversely affecting the quality of cut. Heights will be lowered by the end of next week to 3mm.

We have also been very busy with the 10th tee complex, the Men's main tee is complete, the Men's White tee is levelled and ready for Turf, the Ladies 10th tee required lowering to the retaining walls height, we are in the process of grading the final levels and will be ready for turf by this coming Friday.

The new areas will be out of play for 4 to 5 weeks.  

A timely reminder its that time of year again, Sarah snapped (with the camera that is ) this little beauty on 13.

Please be aware snakes are now becoming active. To those that bring their young children to the course as they play a practice round pay extra attention / supervision of the young ones curiosity. 

Finally volunteers will shortly be called for to assist with some minor course maintenance in preparation for the National Veterans Competition Week coming up in November. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated, I will be providing Terry with a list of potential duties we would like assistance with to complete  prior to the event and also some duties during the week of the competition.

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