Men's Championships

Just finished the course set up for today's 36 hole final of the Men's Championships, The course was in good nick, bunkers done, holes and markers set, and most greens cut, whether it stays that way is up to mother nature, I can tell you it wasn't nice out there, in fact it sounds like it is going to get down right nasty, a severe weather warning has been issued, for the warning click here for warning.
In anticipation of a wet day we have moved holes to high spots as best we could keeping with the pin card, the greens were pretty wet this morning and tho surface water is removed relatively quickly if heavy rain is experienced it will be very soppy, we have done what we can it is up to the gods now, so good luck to all playing I hope the weather holds and most importantly stay safe.

Fingers crossed the question I posed last post is not answered today!!!!

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