Weeks Worklist

Ever wondered what we get up to in the last week before one of our major events ? Here's a look at this weeks work list.
Some good planning meant all the bunker edges, sprays and other time consuming work were all complete last week, leaving just the conditioning of the course this week. Remembering we still need to do manual water shifts on the back 9.
Start B9 water shifts plus hoses and checks x 4 day
Move Holes / Markers
Mow Greens
Foliar Fert Greens
Spot water
Mow Tees and Aprons
Backlapp Tees Mower
Mow F9 Fwys
WB back putter
Bin Run
Start Rough laps mow
Water B9 Greens

Cont B9 water shifts plus hoses
Mow Greens x 2 no lap
Bunker Faces
Bunker Rake
Rough laps cont
Backlapp / check H.O.C Fairway Mower
Weed Front Entrance gardens remove agapanthus stalks
Edge all path edges
Whipper all wall ends, signs and banks
Paint spare Hole Cups
Water B9 Tees

Move Holes / Markers
Mow Greens x 1 Lap
Mow Tees / Aprons
Mow B9 Fwys, top lawn and Practice tee / Fwy
Rough Laps Con''t plus carries
Backlapp Greens Mower / Adjust (Lower H.O.C. 0.3mm)
Service Machine
Mow Greens P.M x 1 lap
Water Greens

Start B9 water shift 2nd pass no hoses ( to be complete by 9pm)
Mow Geens x 2 no lap
Bunker Faces 
Bunker Rake
Spray 11th and 15th Greens (protectant)
Bin Run
Mow Surrounds G
Mow F9 Fairways
Commence Debris clean off (Kubota)
Mow Back Putter
Backlapp W/behind mower
Water Tees

Friday - Shotgun At 11am
Water Greens spot
Move Holes / Markers (swap Cups)
Mow Greens x 2 Lap
Bunker Faces
Bunker Rake
Mow B9 Fwys
Con't Debris clean off
Mow Tees / Aprons
Mow Surrounds T
Fit new bed knives Tees Mower
Backlapp in and adjust H.O.C to green heights
Backlapp Greens Mower check adjustments.
Clean / Paint removed cups
Kubota clean up debris
Finish B9 fwy mow if not complete 
Debris clean out Bunkers and Broom Faces
Mow Greens x 1 test Tees mower
Water Run Greens if req
Course Inspect for added work where req

Saturday and Sunday Morning each Day
Move Holes / Markers
Mow Greens x 1 Tees mower
Mow Greens x 1 Greens Mower plus Lap
Rake Bunkers
Debris Clean up

Saturday and Sunday Afternoon
Debris clean out Bunkers
Broom Faces
Debris Clean off Course
Greens Spot water / water if req.

I haven't included other work including admin work such as the Reno organisation, water auditing etc or the other equipment maintenance daily or on the run.
As you can see a pretty hectic week for the 4 of us and why it is impossible to do this amount of conditioning on a weekly basis. 
Mother nature can throw a spanner in the works or any number of other variables which can happen from time to time in which case we just add it to the list. We have previously attended other works in the lead up to this week so that we have the whole week to focus solely on course presentation.

Just thought you might be interested in why there is a difference between the course presentation on a major weekend compared to that of our week to week presentation, which we still try to set as high a standard as possible within time and budget.

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