Weeks Update

This week we have managed to complete all our base maintenance and course preparations for the Capel Classic as planned. This has included fertilising Tees and Fairways, spoonfeeding the greens as discussed previously, bunker edges trimmed and edged, Mowers backlapped (sharpened) and also some post emergent control of crab grass in the greens on top of our normal maintenance practices and back 9 manual irrigation.
Freshly Edged Bunker
  I might have made a judgement error in spraying out the crab grass before the Classic with the crab grass now turning black as the chemical starts to work, leaving an unsightly appearance on some greens, but with the greens renovations the week after the classic I wanted to get on top of this weed before it goes to seed causing more dramas in future.
A dying Crab grass
In an effort to clean the appearance up we will be grooming the greens tomorrow, this time not so much for speed or to thin the Bent rather to thin the crab grass and "mask" some of the visual impact it is having. It is only visual and not impacting on ball roll, with a light groom and dust in minimising any problems that may arise.
With just on a week to go to the Scott Park Homes Capel Classic we are well positioned to have the course in great condition once more to reflect the importance of the event. With $5000 of prizes up for grabs another big field is expected over the 2 days of the classic as well as the Shotgun event on the Friday.

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