Trial Dust In / green speeds

I have been meaning to update the blog on a few issues over the past week and a half but have been incredibly busy with the preps for the Summer Cup and the extra work load that creates as well as still taking the heat precautions and extra labor hours that involves, my apologies and will now try to bring everything up to date.
To save one very long post where you look, yawn and skip it, I might try to do a few smaller ones instead....Key word is TRY. 

Dust In Program
Initial results from the dust in program are inconclusive at the moment due to the intervention we were forced to make during the extreme heat period we had of temps on course ranging 38 to 42 degrees, and they are still around the 35 mark,  those interventions do cause the greens to be slower, with this in mind, whilst I have some results in, I prefer to wait another month before detailing them.

Stimp meter testing
 I would like to take this opportunity to reinforce the message given by previous supers, including myself over the few years I have been here, which is..........................Summer green speeds will always be slower than other times of the year for well documented reasons, ( I might post those reasons separately at a later date).  Regardless of the results of the trial, green speeds will still be slower,  our aim with this is to find a suitable compromise between members desired green speeds in summer and the greens health agronomically.
We are fortunate, the vast majority of members understand the reasons this.

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