Reno Update (Sunday)

Our fears were realised today when we had to stop Sanding the greens midway through. With forecast for rain and cloud hovering about it was decided to stop the Sanding as a precaution. We started early, with scattered cloud about but with forecast showing showers not till the afternoon, we were confident of getting the sand dried and rubbed in before the rain came. However with 97% humidity, cloud increasing and no wind at all, the sand was staying wet.

Unfortunately, the sand already out has not dried 6hrs after putting out and we are stuck at the moment with sand over the greens as was to wet to rub in. Another effort will be made later this afternoon to get the sand in before rain makes the task impossible. We wait with baited breath, fingers crossed, and hope I won't have to explain the adverse effects if we leave the sand on to long.....

Coring is complete, Sanding will take place at the earliest opportunity hopefully Tomorrow.

Footnote  - Just back from the latest attempt and as soon as we started, down came the rain, no hope of getting the sand in, 7mm rain recorded on course so now we wait till tomorrow but not looking great either.

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