Greens Completed

Sorry Just me, cracking open a bottle of Jack's, putting the feet up and appreciating the fact the greens reno is finally done and dusted, ( excuse the pun). 

We managed to get the sand on the greens from the past few rubbed in by midday after they dried under heavy skies, and then finished sanding the others, and finally rubbing them all in for a reasonable finish.
It hasn't been the smoothest of Renovations but not the worst, with at first the Hire Top dresser not spreading the sand evenly and breaking down, then of course the rain, heavy clouded non drying skies, wet sand and a delay of 36hrs with sand on 8 greens before we could start rubbing in.

My thanks, to our staff for putting in extra effort, our contractors for being flexible enough to allow us the extra day, and to those players today who turned up thinking reno's was complete and didn't mind playing the 9 holes which were open at the time, your understanding was appreciated.

One effect from the above we will need to be aware of, both from  players and a  maintenance point of view, is the possible longer turn around time for the greens to be back to a suitable condition as a result of weakened bent grass from being under cover for 36Hrs. Other side effects may include increased bruising of leaf, fertiliser burn, higher susceptibility to disease in the short term than normal and the possibility of an extra light sanding to top up the greens as a result of wet sand and the top dresser applying unevenly making it impossible to judge how much sand was going on hence filling the holes.
After inspecting the greens this evening, I believe we have managed to avoid many of the possible side effects, and they have pulled out of reno very well, however things will become clearer over the next few days.
Preventative fungicide applications will be applied to limit any nasty problems arising.

It is now even more critical that all players take extra care of the greens when playing by following the simple course care tips, in the tip of the month.

That's all for now, Good luck with the putts, and happy ball mark repairing....

Click.....Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. Decided to have another.

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