Renovation Time

Yes its that time of year again, which all golfers just hate. 
For the many reasons we do this, click on this link Renovation Reasons.

Over the past week the renovation program kicked off with all Tees cored with our Ryan corer,amendments added, the ladies tees sanded and the greens verti cut yesterday.
The Ryan in action
Verti Units having the depths adjusted and prepared

After the previous two glorious days we are keeping a nervous eye on the forecast for Sundays main green renovation day when we want, but don't necessarily get fine clear skies, a hint of rain could throw a huge spanner in the works so fingers crossed.

Over the weekend, weather permitting, we will be Solid Coring, adding soil amendments, sanding, and of course rubbing the sand in. We are allowing a 4 week recovery period, (for the greens that is, not us) before they are back to normal playing conditions.

Next week we will finish sanding the tees, from there the back 9 fairways will be renovated starting 18th October, During this time we will also be coring with our Ryan corer all walk area to tees and green aprons.
Fair to say a very busy period ahead for all staff to kick off the spring summer / season.

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