Greens Update and Other News

The greens continue their strong recovery from renovations, we have been cutting at 3mm for the last week with double cuts commencing this week . 

The greens may still be slightly slower specially for afternoon players as we continue to have very strong growth rates due to the remaining active fertiliser applied for recovery and the optimal cooler temperatures with some humidity also increasing growth rates. At this stage we are not applying any growth regulators to control growth as we still need some recovery occurring but should tamper off over the coming weeks with subsequent improvement in pace.

The 9th tee extension will be open soon, a decrease in height of cut and a 3rd sanding to smooth any irregularities will be carried out prior to markers being placed in the area.

The 2nd tee is taking longer to attend as it is a low priority task with us only working on the tee when time permits. 

Many members would not realise we have been operating at only 75% capacity for the past 30 weeks through TAFE commitments and Staff leave and with small staff numbers as it is, work is prioritised accordingly.
With that said my thanks to the staff for overcoming the staff shortage over the past 7 months and digging in when needed to ensure the course remained in a high state of presentation and members were none the wiser to the staff shortage. Also my appreciation to the Volunteers who have helped or offered to help during this time. 
We will return to full staff in a few weeks time at which point the 2nd tee area will be attended.

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