Front 9 Fairway Renovations

A notice to all players to advise The front 9 Fairways will be Cored commencing next Monday the 23rd November.
Surface disruption will result during the process and for few weeks after till the core holes completely heal. 

It is not expected to impact on competition fields as we hope to be well advanced by Tuesday afternoon and other than the initial coring and cleaning off minimal interference with play should be encountered. However unforeseen circumstances may arise that delay or slow down the work which are out of our control,  should you come to a fairway with workers carrying out their duties, please DO NOT HIT, if playing socially miss the hole and continue on the next, if in Competition wait to be called.
Your cooperation in this matter is important for the safety of contractors and staff. 
Thank you.

This maintenance work is vitally important for the continued high standard our fairways are in and expect the success of last years renovations on the back 9 to be repeated with the fairways being in exceptional condition for the remainder of the season and beyond.

Your understanding is appreciated.  It wont be long before they are back in great condition

 Thank you 

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