There are plenty of well known benefits from coring and aeration, I have highlighted a few over the years but never did I believe one of those benefits was finding Irrigation Leaks !!!

After coming across water bubbling to the surface from a core hole I initially thought the Corer had hit a shallow pipe, digging the area up expecting to discover a nice core hole in a pipe I was somewhat surprised to find the leak in question judging by the amount of oxidised iron, (much deeper than the core holes reached) must have been leaking for a considerable time. Water will flow along the least resistance, it was only the core hole that directed water to the surface.

Ticking another box for the benefits of coring finding old pipe leaks!!!

The fairways are progressing well from renovations, full recovery will take another week or so and stand in good health with the hotter part of summer approaching.

Greens have also continued their strong response from the second of the mini renovations, morning cuts have commenced with all sand now completely under the canopy, with heights set to be lowered to our summer cutting heights of 3mm early next week.  

Finally on behalf of the Course Staff I extend our best wishes for a safe and happy Xmas / New year to all. May all our Members and family enjoy the love, peace and joy that come with the spirit of  Christmas.

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