The greens are making a strong recovery from the 2nd mini renovations, we commenced afternoon cuts at 4mm last Friday, which will continue this week.
Morning cuts and lowering heights to our summer height will depend on sand pick up, likely to commence by next week at the latest. In the meantime players should expect the greens to be slower at least for the next week.

 13 green 3 days after renovations.

The fairway renovations went exceedingly well, completing all fairways within the 3 days allocated with only minimal disruption to play. The benefits of coring will be very obvious through summer once the fairways have fully recovered.
View of 18 Fairway after coring
In the short term after fairway coring dry areas will develop, there normally is an initial soil moisture drop with any work involving aeration, for us the combination of set speed pumps and a manual system means we could not water individual fairways as they were completed, ( we had to wait for all fairways to be completed prior to commencing irrigation), or water in a timely manner as it takes anywhere up to 2 days to do so.   
Another hindrance which delayed the application of soil wetting agents, was the degree of wind we experienced during the week, 30km/hr winds are not conductive to spraying any liquid formulations and is a sprinklers worst enemy for uniform water distribution. Hopefully this week during our available windows of opportunity to spray the wetting agents out the weather / wind co operates.
For these reasons the dry areas may appear to be worse than they should be but will recover soon enough.
Using metal drag mats to break up cores
Once we have applied wetting agents, Gypsum and the fertiliser, recovery of from renovations will be rapid and as previously mentioned I am confident the long term benefits particularly through summer will far out weigh the immediate short term conditions. 

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