The green staff put up a $1000 hole in one prize and a $500 Birdie for a short time on the 3rd hole this week.
 No one claimed the prize maybe due to the tree obstructing the hole !
Once we cleared the tree that came down in the latest front to pass through our cash went back in our pockets.
Thankfully no major damage to the putting surface with only a few pitch marks, nothing were are not use to repairing.

Now that I have your attention, Greens renovations are fast approaching and this year due to the National Vets in November , (only 4 weeks from our schedules renovations), our normal Greens Renovations will be split into two “mini” less vigorous Renovations in order to have the greens back in play and to speed for this event whilst still gaining the important health benefits from aeration and sanding.

Our October renovations normally consist of using 12 to 14mm solid or hallow tines and usually takes up to 4 to 6 weeks for full recovery and not to the speed we are chasing for the vets.

This October’s Renovations will consist of Verti cutting, Solid Needle tinning (6mm tines) and a very light sanding. This will give us some benefits of venting the greens (air exchange) preventing anaerobic conditions from developing after the winter period, assisting with turf health and also smoothing any irregularities, the greens will be back to speed within 2 to 3 weeks.

In order to ensure turf health through summer and obtain the full benefits of aeration  a second mini renovation will occur in December at a time to be announced, likely after the Capel International in a similar procedure to October with slightly larger tines.

October Renovations will be on Monday 6th October.
The past 3 weeks have been very busy with only 3 staff on, we have completed all broadleaf and Guildford grass control applications and have begun gearing the course towards peaking in condition for the Capel 3000 later this month.

After a slight delay with works Jet line are hopeful of recommencing next Monday on the 10th tee.

Finally take a look at this video, I want that Flag Stick ! No better add for the quality of that one.

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