The 10th tee complex construction stage is nearing completion, the path extension and filling of the ladies tee is all that is left for Jetline to complete. A huge thank you to Russell Lines and the boys from Jetline for all the sensational work they have done.

The staff will be busy over the next week or so, extending irrigation lines, levelling the new tee areas to blend into the existing tee levels, cutting and laying turf between other course work primarily preparations for the Capel 3000 this weekend.
 Our plan is to complete the Men's Main Tee Box and have the Ladies Tee backfilled to wall height to allow play from both tees for this weekend. 
Next week we will complete the new section of the Ladies Tee Box and the following week the Mens White tee box.
Green Renovations are only a little over a week away hopefully we have fine weather over the next few weeks to help us complete all these important works.   

Finally a huge thank you to Graham Colton, Peter Dillon and helpers for another wonderful paving job with the path constructed between the 8th green to 9th tee.

With the path construction complete, a timely reminder to all cart users to use and park on the paths provided, under NO circumstances should carts or buggies be driven on tees.

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