I apologise for limited blog updates lately, as many know my wife has recently had back surgery and during her time in hospital when not staying in Perth, I was making the 4 hour round trip, as you can imagine, organising course work, family at home and taking care of the wife has kept me busy and will do so for some time yet so bare with me until some form of normality returns.

Over the past few weeks we have successfully held the Capel Classic with the increased maintenance and grooming that entails, and of course our Greens renovations this past weekend.

Renovations went very well, all greens solid tinned (this was due to the close proximity of the Easter event and needing to get the greens back quicker than we would if pulling the cores out). Fertilised and all the goodies applied, prior to this, the greens were verti cut and the couch areas heavily scarified and also undertook crab grass, Saltene and Couch chemical control.

The race will now be on to get the greens back to normal by Easter and our next major event, I think we will make it but it will be close.

The greens now will be rested for a week...( I hear the players groans already) no mowing meaning very bumpy and slow putting, before we start bringing them into play with regular high cut and gradually lower that cut over a 3 week period.

Tho the temperatures at times are remaining high, with summer over I am very pleased to report we have experienced no major loss of turf areas in a repeat of last summer, with back to back years like this considering the clubs history of summer turf loss, it is very pleasing from my perspective as it shows our turf management programs are working very well.  
As we head into the cooler months, winter grass and winter weed control will be the foremost on our minds, and for me organising our winter works programs which will include bunker face works to firm loose areas and reshape the slope to original shape amongst many other items I Will highlight when things settle down at home.

The 16th mound area is now fully open and the 2nd mound will be started after the Easter Medley.
The practice Chipper will be seeded soon after we receive results from soil testing.

In a nut shell that's the basic news from the course, once again I apologise for the lack of news and pictures.

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