Fairway Definitions and Green Update

Under instruction from the Course Director the fairway definitions will be changing slightly, in most cases the fairway will now stop short of the green, some fairways will be re shaped and others narrowed to get a definitive edge between the fairway area and rough. In some cases the fairway definition is difficult to obtain due to a number of reasons, the main being, the rough area not receiving adequate irrigation, shade and  tree roots, by narrowing some of the generous fairways we hope to have a better fairway definition.
The other reason for this work is to make subtle changes to increase the challenging nature of the course without adding labour intensive bunkers etc.

You will notice blue lines around the new fairway cut area, this is to assist the fairway mower operator hit the line, until the distinction has grown in. Some scalping of areas will occur where the cut has been taken outside the existing line, these areas Will recover quickly with a little assistance from the crew.

The greens are coming back from Renovations well, all core holes filled and the sand is settling nicely, areas where we were aggressively controlling Couch / Saltene patches will be slower to recover than the rest of the green. We will start afternoon mowing next Monday at a higher height of cut and gradually lower the heights till we reach our normal autumn heights of 2.5mm, over a couple of weeks.
The reason we initially mow greens in the afternoon rather than morning straight after renovations, is simply because the greens and sand is dry, if we mowed the greens early morning the rollers would pick up the wet sand and bring it to the surface, the mower blades would also dull very quickly hence the "afternoon cut". This generally is for the first week of mowing resuming after which the sand has all but disappeared.

On a side note I would like to thank everyone for all the get well wishes received for my wife, thank you.

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