Mutual Benefit and the Crazziness Continues

During the week a perfect win / win scenario, Phil Cahill wanted to turn some of his back lawn into a garden and we needed some turf to complete the mounds on 16, we took our turf cutter, Phil now has an area to plant and we have a mound turfed.

 We chalked up yet another crazy busy week, on top of the turfing of the 16th mound and normal course set up etc, the front 9 fairway renovations were completed.

 We used some of the material removed to stolons (chaffing) the walkway area on 16, the chipper bank and 3rd mound area rotary hoeing in.
Scroll cutting fairways helped remove extra green leaf material.

 The greens have come back very strongly from renovations and now being cut at 4mm we should be at 3mm by the end of next week.

 Happy to see the weekend but we are not finished the craziness yet, next week we finally put the finishing touches to the chipping green, adding amendments and seeding, the second of the mounds on 16 gets a start and we have a great deal of catch up work to get through.

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