Changes Arrivals and Renovations

First of all congratulations to Anthony for being promoted to the 2IC position, just reward for his efforts over the past 4 years, I am sure he will continue the fine work he has accomplished in his new role and I look forward to assisting his transition to the next stage of his career.
 Today we also welcomed Ben to the staff, Ben successfully applied for the vacant apprentice position and we give him a warm welcome to the staff. Ben isn’t a new face around the place, he has volunteered through school holidays as well as after school for the past 2 years and was of great assistance through the storm clean up, many members know him for his hard work ethics and courtesy he has shown. 
Two fine young men and I congratulate both, I am now leading a relatively inexperienced staff however with Dean’s and myself experience, combined with youth we could have the perfect balance, though  I am sure there will be issues that arise in the short term, however with  inexperience also comes youth and that “fire in the belly” to get stuck in and make the most of it, which rubs off on us old fellas. 
Speaking of fires, and it will be a baptism of fire for Ben and Anthony in their new roles,

Renovation time is upon us and today we Hallow cored the back 9 green approaches, clean off and picked up, tomorrow after the ladies we will be double verti cutting the greens and cleaning up, Thursday hallow coring the front 9 green approaches and aerating the back putter along with a sanding, then comes the big one starting Saturday afternoon, (no the AFL Grand Final was last weekend, those Sydney fella’s teaching an AFL lesseon hey), Greens renovation and sanding, at which point we will also be sanding the green approaches as well, from 3.30pm Saturday with the main work Sunday.
If they didnt know what greenkeepings about before they will after this week.

More information on why we renovate can be found on the FAQ page and I would also like to answer a question we may be asked before we are asked….. We didn’t core the struggling section on the right side of 16 green as we are close to commencing construction of the new mound areas and rehabilitating the area tho we did core the approach and left side. 

That’s the week ahead, a busy one with a fair bit of work to get through, thankfully back at full staff so just extremely busy not flaming hectic, fingers crossed the weather is kind and only drops some moisture in the evening.
Cheers Max.

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