Work Golf and Thank You

This week held two important events for the staff, the Volunteers appreciation night (last night), to formally thank all the volunteers who helped the club, these members (Ladies and Gents), are the true force behind the club that deserve our appreciation, offering their time and energy to the club for nothing but the affection and pride they hold the club in.

Finally Thursday was the Greenstaff Sponsor Day, a fantastic idea and one I and the staff support fully, (maybe for different reasons as they also get to play golf on the day….but), a field of 60 enjoyed the best weather of the past two weeks with sunny skies, (no we unfortunately do not have a direct line upstairs) and we hope all enjoyed the day and picked up a few course care tips along the way through our creative signage.
It is a chance for the staff to give something back to the club that employs us, a great club with fantastic people from directors, management and members (ladies and Gents) who offer friendly support and encouragement and while not unique to Capel GC it is certainly one of the many great things about the club that makes it such a pleasure to be involved with. The other opportunity that arises is to use the sponsor day as an education day, not to learn new things, rather to reinforce an old message, the critically important role that everyone can play each time they play their round, in course conditions, the little things like repairing pitch marks, divots and other course care messages. We hope to make the day bigger and better each year.

On course news now and tho the weather was pleasant for us on Thursday, it hasn’t been suitable for the spraying of weeds that we had pencilled in for completion, we need optimum conditions with a guarantee of dry weather for at least 4 hours after application on days when we can spray due to no competitions, unfortunately we have been waiting for 2 weeks now for those conditions to prevail, and we a chomping at the bit to get it done, each week that passes, the weeds are more evident so hopefully conditions improve soon.
General maintenance, planning for the upcoming major events this month, renovations next month and shaping up the practice bunker were all completed during the week. We are attempting to secure a small tipper to cart sand from the pit to the green and as soon as we do we will start filling the root zone mix.   
Once again thank you.

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