Capel 3000 organised and flexible

The past 2 weeks has been all about this weekend’s Capel 3000, I think I have covered enough of what we do for these type of events previously in the blog not to bore you with the details once again, as you’re playing you will notice the great condition the course is in, suffice to say it has been an incredibly busy period and once again I thank the staff and volunteers who have helped prepare the course for this weekend’s event.

The last week hasn’t been the smoothest of lead up weeks we have had, with different factors out of our control playing havoc with our plans, Members comps on Tuesday and Thursday, the Ladies 36hole 4’s champs on Wednesday and the extra competition on Friday as the warm up for the 3000 made sure we were working very flexible hours around these events in order to complete the course conditioning,. Along with these events we received 27mm rain through the week, even some small hail, some machinery hiccups and also still short staffed,( soon to be rectified) we overcome all these issues through being organised yet flexible.

As the title suggests, this what I mean when you hear me say we need to be extremely organised due to the small staff size to know what where and when and who of the works to do, yet very flexible in the way we attack things for if not, either competition rounds are disrupted or some works do not get done. We are fortunate to have a staff at present who do not mind the chopping and changing of work hours to suit the golf course and not themselves.

For a bit of colour the wild flowers on 16 are flowering.

Stay tuned early next week for some updates on staff news and reminders for our renovations.
Good luck to all playing in the Capel 3000,  enjoy.

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