An Inquisitive lot

We had plenty of inquisitive looks and some questions today about what we were doing in the area between the 3rd green, 5th fairway behind the 4th tee. I think there was some concern we were moving the tee back to increase the 480m Par 4 4th, don’t worry it isn’t happening.
 If you recall this area was the site of the 250 year plus red gum that fell during the storm along with a couple of other smaller trees. As the area is rarely visited by golf balls and we while we managed to remove most of the large stumps there still remained a large section close to the surface in 2 locations that would cause safety concerns for players and maintenance staff, I decided it was a perfect area for some “character” work and we will be constructing 2 small mounds along with a natural dip in the area.
 Eventually we will plant a couple of small trees, and considering the area is non-irrigated as well as rarely played, we will use the area to trial native grasses. It will be better than just a sand flat through the summer months as it has been and without the red gum very bare.

Work in the area will only take place as low priority, meaning work in the area will be done as time permits; we started today because we have finished the detail of the rough, CELEBRATIONS!!!! NO MORE STICKS!!!! The other reason it was started today was because Anthony was off and we were due to commence the removal of the gardens for the practice green however as I have allocated him the construction role for the area for experience I prefer him to be present during all stages of that process.   

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