Weather Update

It has been a week since the high temperatures forced some alterations to our normal routines with extra precautions being taken with the greens, there are some thin areas and weak patches caused from the last grooming a few weeks ago, but in general they are holding up well. I have no doubt that if we hadn't implemented the changes we would have been looking at a number of lost areas and once again I congratulate the members for their understanding of what we are trying to achieve, or should I say avoid.

This week Temperatures are forecast to be cooler around the lower 30's except for Tues and Wednesday where once again the mercury is set to climb to 38. It appears wind will be our main enemy this week particularly in the early part.
With the ladies major event of the year, The Summer Cup fast approaching, we will be focusing on slowly laying the foundations to peak the greens for the 2 day event while guarding them against the heat stress referred to in the last post. It will be a delicate balancing act, but we are confident of success.

You may have noticed some "browning off" on the back of some tees over the past week, mainly on the outside of the sprinkler pattern, this is the negative impact of row type sprinkler patterns, you will notice the area between sprinklers is healthy and well grassed while the area outside the last sprinkler is struggling, under extreme weather conditions of heat and wind, the uniformity of water application is inconsistent. It is why when the 2nd stage of the auto irrigation system finally goes ahead the tees will have more sprinklers in a triangular pattern which will eliminate this problem. The areas affected are being treated and are being given supplementary water application with stand hoses temporarily till we extend the coverage and add an extra sprinkler or two in these areas.

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