On course temperatures between 38 degrees and 41 degrees have been recorded over the last few days and the predictions are it is set to continue over the next week, please read and encourage your fellow members to take note of a few important points at this time.

If your playing over the next week or so while temperatures are nudging towards 40 degrees, (first I would say you are certainly dedicated to your game), seriously tho you may notice a few precautions being taken with the greens during the heat we don't usually do at other times, to protect against loss of turf through heat stress.

Some measures that may impact your round that you may come across that you don't normally and the reasons for them are below -

Syringing greens during the day, between 1.30pm and 4pm - ( a very light handwater to cool the greens down during the hottest part of the day)
Reason - If the bent grass gets to hot under these conditions the plant can basically shut down restricting the normal transpiration and cooling effect this has, the result is what is referred to as midday wilt. By syringing the greens we aim to provide a little relief and cooling effect and avoid the "shut down effect".

Morning Spot handwatering - Sprinklers to irrigate greens will still be used, morning handwatering will ensure areas requiring a little extra water, IE slopes etc will receive extra water if needed and areas where sufficient moisture already exists do not receive excess water.

Greens will not be cut on Non Comp days, Friday and Sunday will  be non cut days.
Reason - Avoid mechanical injury and reduce wear on high wear areas which then thin and become weak with less tolerance to heat stress.

Depending on how long temperatures remain over 36 degrees, we may decide to raise the heights slightly more than we have already for summer.
Reason - Give the turf a little more leaf area to aid in transpiration.

Delaying the grooming (verti cutting) and topdressing program presently running till favourable weather conditions return.
Reason - Once again these measures can cause injury, weaken the plant at a time when it is already under stress from heat / moisture loss, the result is often at best weak struggling turf or at worst, loss of turf. 

The course maintenance team are taking these measures with the best interest of the long term health of the greens in mind. The greens may run a little slower during this period and you may come across staff, hoses in hand, when playing, rest assured we are not deliberately trying to ruin your round, rather doing everything we can in our control to preserve the greens in a healthy condition through very hot conditions.
Staff have been advised and trained to avoid getting between competition groups but at times this maybe unavoidable. 

Some other non critical works may not be attended, to cover for the extra time spent handwatering etc

Thank you for your understanding
Max Suckling
Course Superintendent.

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