Practice Bunker and 12th

This week saw the last of the Bunker Lips being done before Xmas with the 12th having the rear lip completely refurbished and the base leveled. The end result is a much better bunker. All bunker edges will now be trimmed up and edged prior to Xmas.
12th Bunker before
12th Bunker before

12th Bunker after
12th Bunker after

Other work started but not yet complete include improving the planted area near the practice Bunker, some serious trimming work which was badly overdue. We will be encouraging better grass growth in an area previously not irrigated and eventually refurbishing the Practice Bunker so the whole area will appeal more.
View from Practice Bunker
View from Practice green before

View from Practice Bunker after
View from Practice green after

Wind blowing debris over the course is one of the most frustrating events to happen, with no equipment to clean up large areas of leaves blown over fairways besides our rough mower sometimes its like p!$$!^^ against the wind, getting nowhere fast. Unfortunately this week was one of those weeks where no matter what we did the course looked untidy. 
Tho we did have it like this ( see pic below) at one point.

Next week we will be cleaning up the other planted area near the Practice Bunker, Coring green surrounds and Bunker approaches then giving them a fert to encourage thicker grass growth. Ropes will also be deployed to direct traffic flow around these areas so please assist by following directional signs.

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