We are steadily making progress with renovating bunkers, so far minor adjustments have been made and the excess mounding caused by sand build up removed on the 2nd x 2, 5th, 8th, 11th and 14th sand bunkers. The picture below shows what we are trying to eliminate.
Raised lip and worn edge
Major bunker works are also complete on the 6th and 17th right side bunker, these works included reshaping the rear edge completely, levelling the base from a very steep rear to front slope and with the 17th increasing the width of what was a very small bunker, and impossible to rake with the bunker rake.

 Both Bunkers have received positive comments and look, play and maintain allot better than before.

 The 12th right side bunker is next on the list and will be the last before the Xmas / New Year period as we concentrate on other maintenance activities. Bunker works will then resume after New Year.

In other news, the back 9 fairways were renovated last week, a decent result considering only one pass was made followed by a double scroll cut to remove as much thatch as we could with the equipment on hand. This week we applied Wetting agents and gave them a good drink, under the manual system that is no mean feat. Next week 1.2 ton each of Gypsum and fertiliser will be applied. It will be from this point the Fairway conditions will start to recover from the scarifying undertaken.
 Meanwhile the Front 9 is looking absolutely awesome at the moment, probably as good as it gets, the fairways are stripped up with plenty of healthy growth and the greens are powering on with a good ball roll and healthy, not excessive growth. I will take a few pics next week, time permitting but have a game and see for yourself.

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