12th Green Irrigation Pipe

With low pressure when watering this green (only 3 to 4 of 5 turf valves at any time) this green was another on our hit list of critical areas to improve water flow. We expected to come across blocked pipes as the reason why the low flow rates were extremely low. 
This was not meant to be, what we did find was -

Of 2 potential 50mm main supply lines only 1 was connected.
The non connected 50mm main line continued from the 12th Fairway, past the 50mm green pipes and continued under the green without tapping into the green pipes. Don't worry I was scratching my head as well!
The connected 50mm main along side the 12th green from the 14th (which didn't exist according to plans) could have been enough if it wasn't for a section of 32mm pipe including a 32mm shut off valve smack in the middle of this 50mm main supplying the green. Yes that's right, on either side of the 32mm pipe was 50mm pipe. To compound the problem iron build up within the 32mm section reduced the Inside Diameter to only 20mm, the 50mm pipe was fine. 

Effectively the green was being supplied by a 20mm pipe with far reduced water flow than that of a 50mm.
Inspection points

Inspection points and ready for cleaning (in background)
After cleaning out all pipes as a precaution a new 50mm connection supplying the green was made from the 12th fairway.
The section of 32mm pipe and shut off valve were removed and replaced with 50mm pipes on the existing connected main supply.
New trench dug for 50mm pipe connection from Fwy

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