RAIN !!!!!!

Finally some decent falls, some good soaking rain 53mm in total fell on the course over 2 days alleviating some pressure with water use. The rain will save us some 6Mg of water possibly 10 if the cool weather persists.

Something we haven't seen for a while..........Water views from the shed!!!!!! 
The rain didn't stop us working, we took the opportunity to carry machine maintenance and sharpening of all cylinder mowers to keep the cut at the highest quality.

As well as the machine maintenance and sharpening we also took the opportunity the finish fertilising all areas not already done so, from Green and Tees surrounds and Roughs to some Fairways.
All part of the maintenance to get the course looking like this.

The course is in great shape at the moment, I would go so far to say it is peaking in condition and will do so for the next few weeks before we start the Front 9 Fairway renovations which will be disruptive to playing surfaces. I will in the next Post, next week, describe the process the reasons why we need to do so, specially when the Fairways look great at the moment. 
Enjoy playing the course, it really is in top condition. 

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