In greenkeeping it can at times be difficult when dealing with factors outside your control, and there are many, so you concentrate on the factors that are. Its good for you, and good for staff moral when they can see the end result of all the hard work put in. That's the beauty of this trade, for all the work you put in and comes undone through outside influences, there are plenty more instances where you can see why you love the job.

The greens have come back very quickly from Reno's, they are in healthy condition and looking great. They are being cut at 3mm with double cutting this week. They may still be a little off pace as strong growth continues from the fert applied over the reno period, this will subside as we lay off the Nitrogen component and return to our normal nutrient maintenance practices.  
The tees are also in great condition after renovations, plenty of growth recovering wear areas. Anthony taking great pride in his stripes as he sees the fruits of his labour over the reno period.
The heavily shaded tees are naturally taking a little longer.

The hydrophobic soil conditions in the fairways were treated last week, it will not be the only occasion it is required this season however for the moment we are relieved to see some moisture in the profile. The plug is the same plug shown last post as dusty and dry.

And another Pest!
Black beetle adults brought to the surface in a section of the 18th suspected of activity.
All greens and some sections of fairways were sprayed for Black beetle larvae, adults and Stem weevil larvae and adults. Both pests can cause serious damage and of particular concern are Stem weevils in greens which can "eat out" a bent grass green in little time. Adult monitoring gives a good indication for spray timing to prevent larvae damage to turf before it is to late. Cost prohibit the fairways being sprayed completely and other cultural practices take precedence.

Also this week we are spraying out early post emergent / pre emergent control for crab grass and some late Bindi control which germinated after our timed broadleaf weed control in September. All tees, Fairways and Tee to Fairway roughs will be sprayed. For this reason the Tees and Fairways may look a bit tacky as we lay off the cutting till the end of the week to give the herbicide time to work before mowing takes place.          
Its never ending but well worth the results when achieved.

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