3rd surrounds

Works to the 3rd green surrounds was completed this week despite loosing some time to repairing a main line break on the back 9 caused by tree roots. The offending tree roots and tree were removed.
 Getting back to the 3rd, all work was carried out by staff, the turf was cut from the surrounds and set aside for laying later, sand from the 4th pit used to create the mounding and extra turf cut from the practice fairway to cover the area. The green will now have a 1m collar before sloping off rectifying the problem of balls being putt of the green with the sharp and sudden drop that was. The area will be G.U.R till establishment.

In other news, the greens were given their first cut after Reno's last Monday at 6mm and have been cut everyday since, we will gradually lower the height over the next week and should be 4mm next weekend, 3mm the week after.
The tees are recovering well from the renovations to them and both greens and tees should be in great condition in 3 weeks.
Fairway fertiliser application will be carried out this week starting Sunday afternoon on the back 9, with the manual irrigation system it is critical we allow enough time for irrigating the fairways after application hence why the need to start on Sunday arvo. 

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