Course Notes January 2020

Our First major events of 2020, (Capel Open and Junior Open)  has been run and won, congratulations to the winner of Both events, Alex Maxwell, who looks to have a bright future and a name to look out for.
Congratulations to all who worked tirelessly organising what was a well run event.
For the Greens team, my thanks to the staff for a great effort presenting the course in such good condition from Tee to Green, many hours in initial preparations, hard work in the weeks leading up to the event overcoming short working weeks due to public holidays by working some long days with very early starts to achieve a standard above that of just 4 staff. Well done guys you should be proud of what you accomplished. 

With 4 weeks till our next major event, The Summer Cup, we will not be taking our foot of the conditioning of the course for long, but first we need to attend some other important maintenance tasks. One such task includes taking the opportunity to mini tine the greens, also referred to as venting.
Venting is a form of aeration, using small solid tines to punch numerous small channels into the soil profile (root zone) allowing gaseous exchange, releasing potentially harmful carbon dioxide in exchange for oxygen, it also allows quicker water movement into he profile and off the surface increasing the effectiveness of Irrigation during these hot summer months among other important benefits.   

Greens maintenance during the last half of summer can be problematic specially with major events, increased player and maintenance traffic, and disease pressure, by taking this proactive approach we are providing a healthier stand of Turf better able to withstand the harsh Summer conditions,ncreased traffic and maintenance towards the back-end of Summer.
This is a process we have introduced to our greens management making full use of the new renovation equipment purchased. Prior to this we had no means to attend this vitally important work without significantly increasing maintenance cost by using contractors. Another major benefit of purchasing our own equipment.
Surface disruption will be minimal,  with close to normal surface conditions returned within 3 days. 

Another task completed immediately after the Capel Open and once maintenance dedicated to that event was complete, was laying turf on the 8th Fairway bunker to Mound Conversion.

The Bunker itself was becoming less visited by players yet increasing in maintenance demands due to tree roots within the bunker, surrounding areas drying out and the degree of leaf debris and wind blown erosion cause of  loss of sand. The mound will offer similar of not greater strategic value with less maintenance required and generally be of better aesthetic appeal.  Further mounding work is being considered in consultation with the Course and Match Committees.

It is anticipated grow-in will take 4 weeks during which time the area will remain G.U.R with compulsory Drop Zone in play.

We will once again ramp up the conditioning of the course for the Summer Cup with increased grooming and maintenance dedicated solely for this event along with normal maintenance procedures as the coming weeks pass.

Till Next Time
Happy Hooking

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