Greens Renovations are less than 2 weeks away and I would like to take this opportunity to inform members of some important pre renovation practices and the temporary impact these practices will have on the greens appearance.

 Twice yearly in Spring and Autumn prior to greens renovations we commence product applications for the suppression / control of certain grass weeds in the greens, namely Saltene and Couch encroachment, both grasses being extremely difficult to control in Bent grass greens and we do historically have a large amount. Unfortunately one product does not control / suppress both weed grasses so there is a need to apply different products multiple times during the control periods prior to renovations.

 The application of these products will lead to a sharp down turn in the appearance of the greens. Discolouration and some thin weak areas will result in the lead up to renovations.   The degree and type of discolouration will vary green to green depending on the main target weed, main product used and, as some greens only require spot treatment while others require a full spray, the overall area sprayed.

The discolouration will vary, however, mainly be a slight chlorosis of leaves, Saltene areas will gradually turn various shade of green to yellow before browning off, these areas will stand out significantly giving the impression we suddenly have more than previously, this is not the case it is simply more visible after product application for its control / suppression. Impact on Bent grass will be a slight browning almost dry dull appearance.   Couch areas after verti-cutting will also stand out more and turn a whitish colour through the recovery period. These impacts will also be observed on some green collars and aprons.

 These impacts and appearances are only temporary and will recover during the renovation recovery period. The Recovery period may be slightly longer than we have become accustomed to over recent years and will likely take the standard 5 weeks to fully recover.

Please note this is not a one spray wonder and is part of a long term strategy to suppress and gradually reduce the degree of weed encroachment till such time we are in position to excavate and resurface contaminated areas, without the application of these products the areas contaminated would spread exponentially.

 On the topic of Renovations (insert a smiley face with a big grin,  for those use to emoticons ) we also require volunteers to help clean up cores on Sunday the 5th March starting at 7am, many hands make light work and will make the process faster to complete, your help will be greatly appreciated as always.


Thank you for your time and understanding and look forward to seeing you on Sunday 5th.



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