The course tolerated the extreme heat last week very well with only a few minor issues with the greens, most problems were on the back 9 fairways and roughs mainly from cart tracks and wilted areas due to the inadequate manual irrigation system on the back 9. Most of the Back 9 Fairways could not be irrigated since the Friday before and then when they were in the heat, taking 14 hours to complete one cycle, despite all our efforts most of the irrigation applied was ineffective with the result easy to see.
The areas affected will recover in time.
This week is also set to be a difficult one with the heat, although temperatures are expected to be slightly lower wind is expected to be strong and gusty, this will have more of an adverse impact than last week with the wind contributing to drying out the surface areas but more importantly also impacting on Irrigation Uniformity. Some dry patch areas are to be expected under these conditions, though we will endeavor to limit any issues within the available resources at our disposal.    

The 2nd Men's black tee is growing in nicely and is looking fantastic at this early stage. With the majority of the work complete we are commencing focus on Bunker Bases, at this stage we are only aiming for 1, possibly 2 bunkers per week to be complete until we are well outside our peak maintenance period  and irrigation season at which point more bunkers will be attended.

With fresh sand being used the bunkers completed will be soft and loose, there is a risk of plugged lies till the sand is consolidated. For this reason any bunker that has work carried out will be G.U.R for a few days. A reminder the G.U.R is optional unless otherwise stated. 

Thank you and look forward to seeing you on the course. 

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