Greens Renovations

My apologies to the members for it being a while since I updated the blog site, some issues with the site has prevented me from posting any new content. Hopefully the issues have now been rectified and I can resume regular updates.

 The greens are coming back well from renovations 19 days ago

I thank the members for their patience over the past few weeks,  while it is a necessary practice for the long term health and quality of the greens surface and one we must continue crryingout, I do understand it can be very disruptive to your game so thank you for your patience and care repairing your pitch marks during the recovery period.

We have commenced morning cuts and are down to 4mm Heights, it is anticipated we will lower the heights further next week at which point the greens will have a much better ball roll and be slightly up on pace than they have been during the past few weeks.

It must be remembered we are still only 19 days out from renovations where a standard full recovery period of 4 to 5 weeks is normal, so for the greens to be at the stage they are at is a very good result. They remain soft and easily damaged by player traffic so please take care on the greens and repair your pitch marks. 

I have fielded some questions regarding a number of small patches on some greens which are very noticeable at present. Certainly some blemishes remain, these areas are a number of small patches on some greens where winter grass control was taken prior to renovations, the patches affected will be much slower to recover and with the higher height of cut stand out more than usual. As we lower the heights these patches will be less noticeable whilst they fill in.

The blackish colour is simply organic fertiliser applied at renovations which was crushed by renovation equipment and is sitting on the surface, it is only visible where control of the winter grass has occurred, this will also disappear through time and cultural practices which are routinely carried out. 

Remember the greens are still recovering and remain softer than other times, the more care you take during your round the better the end result and faster the recovery time, so please I urge all players to repair their pitch marks and take care when on the greens. 
Thank you 

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