Wet Conditions And New Bunker Rake Placement

As the forecast predicted the weekend is off to a great start with 20mm in the rain gauge this morning and a fair amount of small debris spread over the course by wind gusts.

Greens mowing did not proceed in the middle of the early morning heavy falls and will nt be cut today and likely the weekend of the rain continues but all other course set up for any brave souls willing to venture out were completed.

If you are thinking of venturing out this weekend please drive safe and take care. 

Players will notice a change to the Bunker Rake placement policy on the Golf Course, the rakes will now be placed OUTSIDE the bunker on the BLUE PAINTED indicator and NOT in the bunkers.

 Generally rakes will be placed in the direction of the hole.
The change of rake placement policy will bring us into line with the USGA and Golf Australia guidelines / recommendations for bunker rake placement, but more importantly will remove the unfair placement of rakes on bunker slopes by careless individuals by providing a distinct area and angle of rake placement OUTSIDE the bunker. 

Just 2 examples of careless rake placement in the bunkers leading to unfair lies
The location of the blue indicator paint for rake placement has been carefully selected  to ensure minimum obstruction to play, reduce the possibility of unfair deflection / lies and placed in convenient easily accessible locations for ease of use and replacement.

It is in the interest of all players to replace the rakes on the same area and with the same angle as indicated by the blue painted indicator spots.

Thank you.   

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