Another fantastic turnout of helpers through the past week, concentrating on picking up branches etc in the Bush area between holes, the odd whipper snipping around fixtures, finishing the refurbishment of the sand bucket stands and some more carpark and tree pruning work. Once again to many to name individually so a collective thank you to everyone who have came out to lend a hand over the past fortnight.
It is fantastic as a staff to see so many members take pride in their course and willing to help out when required, as a small staff with a major event on the horizon, the added help is appreciated and allows us more time to concentrate on the overall conditioning of the Golf Course.

I have no doubt the combined efforts of Staff and Volunteers will result in a sensational finished product as we peak the course in Condition over the coming weeks.   

This week we continue increased grooming of the course, one priority task will be bunker edges to give a nice sharp appearance to green complexes, it is a time consuming "dirty" task but once complete can really improve the aesthetics of an area.
All the other main groundwork for the Vets has been completed weeks and months prior, this last full week before the National Vets is all about bringing all the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle we have been working on together for the finished product.

Still plenty of long hours and hard work ahead as the Staff look forward to the challenge of meeting our own expectations for excellence, one we could not achieve without the fantastic assistance of our members.

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