Week 33 &34

Pretty quiet on course over the last week with only run of the mill news and nothing of any real significance to report. Looking ahead the same can be said.
We are concentrating our efforts on removing fallen Branches,  highlighting tree roots and low branches in the Bush prior to the first Bush cut of the season a process we go through for the safety of the operators and protect the equipment. Bush mowing has commenced and normally takes 2 weeks to complete.
We are also spraying Glyphosate around fixtures and areas we cant manoeuvre the out front mower. 

We will be running at 75% staff levels over the next 3 weeks with leave and TAFE absence, so when I say its quiet on course I guess it isn't really we are still being kept extremely busy!

The green staff sponsor day is this coming Thursday, get your pitch repairers ready, your divot repair technique polished but most of all we hope all enjoy the competition sponsored by the greenstaff.

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