Week 28 and another.......

Another week, another front came through bringing with it another 40mm rain, wind gusts up to 80km/hr bringing down another 3 trees and plenty of small debris across the course requiring clearing.

It is the small debris that consumes the time, you could not putt through the below mess on the 11th green 
 and we cannot mow greens with it there either, it all must be cleared along with bunker washout repair, path washouts etc before we can turn our attention to other projects / tasks.  It can be very frustrating for the crew going through the cleanup process only for another front to come through requiring us to go through it all again, the latest accounted for a total of 70 labour hours this week dedicated to debris clearing.  Our winter works program delayed another week.

With the amount and frequency of rain, green approaches are holding a great deal of moisture,  the blue lines are  in place as a reminder for ALL cart users not to drive close to the greens  where it is wet and easily damaged, the person below obviously missed  the message.

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