Weel 18 - 24

I knew it has been a while since I updated but it wasn’t till it was pointed out to me that I realised it has been so long, 7 weeks, just proves the old saying – Time flies when you’re having fun busy working. So what’s been keeping me away from the blog and on the job these past 7 weeks ?
Firstly we welcome Sarah to the team as our new 1st year apprentice, Sarah was by far the standout candidate for the position and we wish her well for the coming years learning the trade, please make her feel welcome and understand she is very much in the learning stage of her new position.
The first 4 weeks can be overwhelming for any young new apprentice, learning the various safe work practices and procedures along with the operation of plant to a satisfactory standard, this doesn’t happen overnight, some tasks initially take a while longer to complete till the new worker gains the experience and confidence that only time and training can achieve. During the time it takes to achieve this other staff and I must take up extra duties to fill the shortfall thus providing a continuality of quality we have come to expect.

For me, generally the first 6 months is a very demanding period which takes up extra time, introducing new staff to work routines and practices they have never experienced before, training and developing new skills to a standard of quality we expect and most importantly ensuring the new workers safety.  

The Last 7 weeks have also coincided with many of our Major events , The Pro-Am,  Capel Cup,  Work Clobber Invitation Day, Cathie Rice Ladies Open Day Pennants and this past weekend’s Holden Scramble. These events all demand that extra attention to detail to peak the course in condition and present in the best it can which we strive to achieve for our major events.
The rain fell finally in the last few weeks of  May recording over 170mm on course, as welcome as it was after a very dry summer and first 2 months of April where only 20mm was recorded for the entire 5 month period, we could have done without the 50mm or so that fell within a few hours causing washouts on the paths and bunker faces only a few days out from the Pro Am.

Speaking of washouts and it is this time of year we do receive more comments than other times regarding  localised/ isolated soft bunker faces, main causes are like the above washouts, we do modify bunker faces and surrounds to prevent this happening under normal conditions however under intense heavy rain periods even the best designed bunker faces suffer. Another cause are kangaroo damage in localised areas which loosens the structure of the bunker and the least expected of the group is the below picture, yes you better believe it, golfers walking up or down the steep faces of the bunkers, like the Roos it loosens the structure of the subsurface, once done there is no quick fix to regain that solid consolidated face, Kangaroos don’t know any better all players should!!!!

New tee signs have been installed, Jetline have constructed the 12th tee retaining wall, Graham is doing a great job with the path and the staff will shortly commence levelling the extra width of tee area before turfing. The completed job will look fantastic and allow us a further 3m in tee width on a par 3 hole that receives its fair share of divots.

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