WEEK 10 2014 and the clouds roll in

After near on 3 months without so much as a cloud in the sky, one mention of the R word weekend and here comes the clouds. At least it will be cooler for all helping with core collection and green renovations this weekend. We are not expecting any rainfall!!!
 This week was all about preparing for this weekends renovations along with the usual course set up and mowing. Carting Sand around the course, solid tinning the practice green and 16th as both greens will not be hallowed tined this weekend along with verti cutting / pre-seeding selected bare patches.

The importance of greens renovations and the disruption it causes is well documented for a refresh CLICK HERE This renovations we are pulling out plugs.
At this stage I expect the greens to take 4 to 5 weeks to fully recover and be back to regular pace and condition, in the meantime the greens will be slow and bumpy the worst of which will be the first two weeks after renovation before they start improving.

Normally in the lead up to greens renovations we selectively spray the Couch , Saltene and remnant crab grass in greens, due to the temperatures staying up around the 30 degree mark this has been delayed for a few weeks after renovations or when temps settle around the mid 20's to ensure maximum efficacy of the chemical and reduce the risk posed to the Bent grass through Photo-toxicity these weeds will persist slightly longer than normal this year as a result. 

Starting before dawn has some advantages.

And we might have found a perfect pipe finder tool.

Hopefully without the extra damage to bunkers.
We came in 4 times this week to find three bunkers given the Mrs Foxy Lady treatment trying to build her den.

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