Trees, Bunkers and Bad Lies

Sounds like a bad round doesn't it, better see Jim for a swing check, in really it is only our winter works program in full swing.

 We have commenced pruning trees, we are focusing on the first line of trees along fairway edges and trimming low lying dangerous branches along with unhealthy suckers and damaged limbs. This type of work is very subjective, I can assure you we are taking a conservative approach, only removing branches posing a risk to staff on equipment and cart users and only trimming trees in the first row, the inside area or bush will be largely untouched.
It will result in a safer work environment, a healthier turf cover on the edges of Fairways with reduced shading and a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.
Works will progress in sections as we have a limited stockpile area and we need to dispose of these before continuing.

The other major winter work project, levelling Bunker Bases, this work will be alternated with the above on a rolling basis through winter. The bunkers were due to be completed last year, the work was postponed due to the destructive storm and subsequent massive clean up task we experienced.
The object of our attention is mainly the down slope in most bunkers to the green. It is a very labour intensive exercise requiring manually shovelling sand from the back faces of the bunkers, removing excess sand from the faces and adding more sand where required, this work will be ongoing through winter.
A word of warning though, some bunkers will be soft and be at risk of fried egg / plugged lies more than others depending on the degree of sand movement required, we cannot totally avoid this effect even with consolidating the bunkers after work is finished, time will be required for the sand to settle.

Lastly, we arrived to work to set the course up for today's WA golf Junior Classic only to find for the second time in as many weeks damage caused by the misuse of carts and bunker etiquette thrown out the window by late afternoon players, please report any instances witnessed to a board member or office staff so prompt handling of the matter can be achieved.

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