One question that has been popping up a lot lately, "Will the greens remain at the same pace they are now for the rest of winter "?

Members are obviously relishing the pace of the greens at the moment, they are running pretty slick and the stories of just how quick are being added to daily, so what's the answer to the question on everyone's lips.

The simple answer is yes, we plan to have the greens at present pace or there abouts for the rest of winter.
For the more complicated or should I say detailed answer, read on

Factors in our control are our maintenance inputs which effect green speed like Green mowing heights and cut frequency, moisture management, nutrient management, winter grass suppression techniques and a wide variety of other maintenance practices which directly effect green speed will be or are planned to be similar for the rest of winter, this equates to the greens being of similar pace for the rest of winter.

Factors out of our control, rain events, humidity, wind and general weather conditions are the most obvious but some other factors out of our control that can affect decisions made on cutting heights include vandalism and rough house play on greens, should we need to take measures to protect greens these invariably slow them down, the more care which is taken by players the less likely we need to intervene. 

The end  and most important governing factor is and will always be the health of the greens dictating how far we can push them without undue injury, apart summer where we actively protect the greens and renovation recovery periods we do strive to provide a quick green pace for our members on a regular basis, the period from April through October is when our greens are at their quickest without pushing them to far over the edge, however we are also mindful of pest and disease and other stress instances which occur and measures we need to implement to protect the greens health override all else.  

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