Hello and welcome to this weeks blogs installment for the week ending 26th Jan. Happy Australia Day I hope all enjoy the Australia day long weekend. Or should I say..
Gday mate, av a bloody bonza Aussie Day and your weekend is beaut..... (Cliches couldn't resist)

News from the course this week is all positive as we continue to achieve strong recovery growth as condition improve to where we want them to be.

As can be seen in the pictures and a casual round of golf all areas are recovering well.

Thanks to some lower than expected temperatures over the past 2 weeks, high 20's low 30's combined with management practices during this time the greens are also making a faster recovery in terms of root growth than initially expected, so much so we are starting to re introduce normal maintenance practices for the time of year and recommenced herbicide control for Crab Grass, tho we are using the lower rate with split applications over a 3 week period to overcome any potential injury to the bent grass. What this means is we will still see control of Crab Grass but over a longer time frame than would be if a higher more condensed rate is used.

Temperatures are again warming up with the next 7 days looking to be consistently around 33 degrees, for greens maintenance specially the front 9 continued careful management will dictate maintenance inputs and also green speeds.

I am aware green speeds have been up to 2 feet slower  than our usual summer green speeds at times over the past few weeks,  I thank you for your understanding as we implemented measures to keep the greens going through the initial non water period and then through the recovery process, with the positive news the greens roots are recovering strongly enough to tolerate some normal maintenance routines also comes the good news for players that greens speeds will increase slightly as well, I would anticipate baring unforeseen dramas the greens will start to return to normal summer time speeds this week before we start increasing the pace for the Summer Cup.

With a short week next week due to the public holiday we will be keeping on top of any issues with the greens and temperatures, starting the process of conditioning the course for the Summer Cup with bunker edges the first to be attended, it will be a busy week and by look of it an uncomfortable one to be in the bunkers so early starts will be implemented for staff to try and beat the heat.

Once again Happy Australia Day long weekend.

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